Our Lady’s Creative Writing Group Winter Poem

22nd February 2019

Our Lady's Creative Writing Group team have made another successful poetic creation using our Winter as inspiration.

Our Winter Poem


The cat curls cosy by the fire

She loves to watch the flickering flames

Slowly her green eyes cover over

She sleeps and dreams of Summer games.


Inside we warm ourselves with barley broth

Sponge pudding, hot custard and Irish stew.

There’s hot whisky or port for all who want

Or there’s lots of tea, our favourite brew.


Outside we wear our winter coats

With woolly mittens and fur round our necks

Long leather boots adorn our feet

And our socks and scarves are in matching checks.


We sleigh and snowball, not feeling cold,

Play hide and seek among the trees,

Make a snowman, feed the birds

Then rush inside before we freeze.


We sit beside the curled up cat

Our hands are warm, our cheeks aglow

The fire gives out a welcome heat

As we look at the falling snow.

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