Furloughed Workers Can Now Receive Their 80% Payment AND Work in Care to Support the Frontline

8th April 2020

A group of Independent Care providers, in a letter to the Prime Minister last week (30th March) outlined the urgent need for more staff to cover the increased demand on their services and cover staff shortages caused by sickness and self‐isolation during the Covid-19 outbreak which has, as of Saturday 4th April, now been passed.

As a result, furloughed workers can now receive their 80% payment AND work in care whilst getting paid for this at no penalty. Allowing the NHS and social care providers to employ such people with no penalty.

Gareth Macklin, director of Macklin Care Homes who run six care homes as well as Malone Lodge Hotel in Northern Ireland who was involved in this initiative : “We are delighted that this important legislation has now been passed, the social care sector have always provided vital services within the community and care homes and has never been more important than it is now. 

“This welcomed action from our Government will now allow us to recruit more staff to help us during a time when there is a huge increase in demand on our staffing levels caused by sickness and those in self-isolation.

“This amendment will have an immediate and significant positive impact on our staffing and our ability to maintain the high level of care we all currently provide across Northern Ireland. It will help us support our existing workforce’s health and wellbeing and provide cover for the inevitable loss of staff to sickness and self‐isolation.

“Every care team across Northern Ireland is showing a level of focus, dedication are doing an incredible job under extreme pressure and this allows us to do everything we can to support them. 

“As such, we ask that the recognition and respect by many of the contribution by the entire social care sector to the highest level, alongside where the NHS is rightly held, is extended and recognised by everyone.

“I, alongside my counterparts in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are delighted with this amendment to the legislation meaning we can now get on with the important job of staff recruitment to allow the elderly and vulnerable in our society to get the care they deserve.”

Gareth concluded: “We need people to start in these jobs straight away in addition to the support from voluntary people and communities. We’ve roles available across our own group, and indeed, as does the entire care sector. Many of these roles need no experience – if you’ve the right values, we can train you as would nearly every other care provider across the country.”

If you have been furloughed and would like to apply for a job to make extra money and provide much needed help and support to the care sector then please visit www.macklincarehomes.com or alternatively search care jobs Northern Ireland.

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