Park Manor take residents to the cinema for a day of fun!

26th April 2018

Park Manor residents went on a well deserved day trip to Odyssey Cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster hit ‘The Greatest Showman’. Before everyone sat down to watch the film, a feast of pizza (our resident’s guilty pleasure) and chips were enjoyed by all to make the most of the treat day. They couldn’t wait to get seated with some ice cold drinks and sweets to enjoy the film with after the meal.

Not a word was spoke throughout the whole film which is a rare occurrence for our wonderful chatty residents. They enjoyed the movie so much that they have requested it to be shown on the cinema days at Park Manor once it is released on DVD!

After the movie they all sat down to a fancy coffee and spoke of their favourite scenes in the film before heading off back home to tell everyone about the fun filled day they all had.

It’s so important that our residents get to go on these day trips to experience different surroundings and live their life to the full with quality care, undivided attention and support from us.

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