The care is great. The staff are just wonderful and very kind.

Margaret, Park Manor

I was really anxious about moving into care, but the staff and managment made me feel at home.

Judie, Ratheane

I love the sing song and all the activities. We have great fun.

Lily, Leabank

When I needed to come back into care I chose Ratheane straight away

Barbara, Ratheane

I am looked after 7 days a week 24 hours a day and I know I wouldn’t be as safe or manage if I was at home.

Amy, Park Manor

The care I have recieved is personal to my needs

John, Park Manor

Mum is so well cared for. I'm no longer a carer but her daughter again

Joan, Arlington

I've made many new friends who are really kind and helpful.

Rose, Ratheane

It is home from home. I'm so happy and contented.

Brian, Arlington