Four reasons why you should consider a job in care.

15th September 2021

Are you considering taking on a new challenge in your career? If you’re looking for a rewarding new job role, you may want to consider whether the care industry would be an appropriate fit for you.

There are some fantastic benefits to working in care, both in terms of the rewarding nature of the role day-to-day and in terms of how the job role could support the progression of your career long-term.


Not looking for a standard 9-to-5 job? No problem.
Care Workers’ skills are vital for thousands of people to live their lives every single day, meaning the help they provide is needed outside of the normal 9-to-5 hours.
The flexibility of shift patterns means that those working in care can fit their career around their commitments. So whether you’re a student trying to fit work around your studies, or a parent looking to earn alongside their childcare commitments, care work has got you covered.

Career Development Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to be fully qualified to find a job in the care industry. In fact, Macklin Care Homes provide a full care with confidence company induction and relevant on-the-job training to ensure that their workers have all the necessary skills in place to get started. There’s also the opportunity to continue professional development with further qualifications.
So not only will you be fully trained and prepared for your position, you’ll even have the opportunity to add qualifications to your CV.

No two days are the same!

One of the biggest benefits of working in care is diversity.
Whatever role you go into, you’ll constantly be introduced to new environments, meet new people and do different tasks as part of your day-to-day.
No gazing out of the office window wondering when home time will come, and no more boring working days all blurring into one.
There really isn’t ever a quiet or dull moment in care, whether you are setting up a ‘Stars in your eyes’ themed party for the residents or spending special moments with them hearing all about their first-born great grandchild – your heart will always be full.


Perhaps the most commonly talked about benefit of a career in care is how fulfilling it is.
You’re helping someone in need and making their lives that little bit easier. And knowing that you make a difference to their day provides a real sense of achievement that’s difficult to experience in any other role.
Additionally, you’ll be building real relationships with clients, not to mention their family and friends. And that personal connection is what makes care work so unique.
Kirsty from Parkmanor Oaks said, “I get great satisfaction out of helping others. Some days even the smallest of things can make a person’s day or put a smile on their face which makes me feel good. But most of all I would have to say the people I have met and the friends I have made help me enjoy it the most”

Ready to open the door to a new and exciting career in Care? You have come to the right place!

Join our Macklin family at one of our 6 award-winning care homes across NI. We are not your average care home group. In fact, you may have seen us on UTV teaching our residents how to do the ‘floss’ dance, or for our Dementia Cafe sessions. Maybe you saw our Macklin Tots programme or our campaign to end loneliness with Age NI, either way – we like to do things a little differently, no two days are the same at Macklin Care Homes!

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